New power vs new wealth

I had taken the habit of focusing on the desired end goal. Which is extremely important in the sense that it not only gives a clear direction where to go, but it also creates a desire to move in this direction in order to reach that goal!

Now I’ve also realized that it gives a static idea of what I want. Which gives less value to this goal, given the fact that we fully live through our actions and expression of ourself. And a static result doesn’t render that kind of value.

Now instead of focusing on a result, which in itself can change minutes after I’ve achieved it, I decide to focus on a skillset. An ability to reach my goal easily, and so at will! That is not only an action that I can perform each time I want, and enjoy this ability. But it is also a confidence that I can get the result I desire anytime, because I’m able to create it!

The feeling of having the power to create the result you want is much more appealing than just having the result by itself. And so more exciting, giving more enthusiasm to make it true and to follow any process that allows me to build that power.