How good it is to create love!

The first thing we’re looking for is love. No, it’s not even the real issue!
The first thing we DO is to look for love. And many other things too.

And the more we’re looking for something, the more we’re actually focusing on the lack of this thing.

But love is everywhere, everytime. As I like to say it, it’s probably the most abundant thing in the world, and yet the thing the most looked for!

Now I read Nikola Tesla said:

If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.

And we know that 2 vibrations at the same frequency will resonate one with the other. In other words they will not only interact one with the other, but amplify each other!

Expressing love is a possibility… amongst many others. If you wish to share love, you must communicate precisely with this option in everyone. You must first, like a vibration, tune yourself to love. And that, in turn, will vibrate with all that is alike.

If we don’t really create love, we create this experience, the expression of love. We choose love and we live through love.

Well, basically and to be more concrete, I was noticing earlier how my behavior with friends I really enjoy is much more based on fear than on love. I fear I’m not going to receive enough from others. I hope I’ll get what I want: attention, consideration, love, etc…

I’m afraid I won’t appear as well enough for others, and I’m missing the point. Giving love myself, offering recognition, gratitude for the moments shared with love! I could give so much by just saying clearly how much I enjoy my friends, the moments shared with them…

Once I start to notice, just to notice, the moments I really enjoyed with some persons around me, I realize my fears prevented me from fully enjoying those moments. And I could even bring them higher by adding even more love. And just like a vibration, this love I could add would just resonate with and amplify greatly what is already there.

I have much more power to bring much more love to my life! And those moments are just so good!!!

Thank you to my friends that I love!!! Thank you for the joy and happiness that so many people contribute in my life, here and there…!

Love is everywhere, and it’s just my choice to share it. I just have to start expressing it 😉