Hey, a warm welcome to you!

Have you ever thought life was a little crazy, but had still so many good things to offer?
I am here to help you change your life and make of yourself the greatest person you’ve ever met!


Sometimes it seems everything is against us and… irrational. And sometimes it is quite the opposite: it seems everything is with us and… irrational!

Anyway, that’s certainly a good description of our world: a big illusion!!!

Sounds Crazy…

Because so many things I learned since I was born look so untrue, unfair, unrealistic, like a big lie everybody would agree to believe in. And in a way, if it’s a lie but everybody agrees to make “as if”, then why not! But what seems so unrealistic is that not a single person really enjoys those lies! Like:

  • life is difficult,
  • we do what we can, not what we want,
  • you need to work (extremely) hard to be (just a little bit) successful,
  • be good at your studies, and you’ll have a good job,
  • do what I say!
  • life is not a game, and you have to work first,
  • “And they lived happily ever after” as the conclusion of any love story,

To quote just a few!

I’m 37 at the time I’m starting this blog (2015), and it’s been a long time since I’ve realized many things we’re taught never appear to be true. Most of the time the examples we could use to confirm those statements are just a fraction of all the examples we could have used… to prove them false!

Yes, to me lots of things I observe sound crazy!

Sounds crazy! But I’ll do it anyway…

Let’s be clear, I’m not saying that the world is gloomy. On the other hand we can experience so many great things in our lives! Let’s face it, if we hadn’t great dreams in our head, why would we be trying hard and hoping for anything at all? And we could also argue that we wouldn’t be able to dream of great things if we hadn’t already experienced something at least close to this greatness.

What really matters is how to “catch” those moments which seem to slip through our fingers.

  • We want to create something bright and full of emotions, but we fear to loose something.
  • We know we can do better, but we are afraid to make a move.
  • We feel a lot of enthusiasm at some times, but we seem to loose it the next moment.
  • Our greatest experiences can unexpectedly originate with our worst times.
  • Action = life, however we prefer to stay still when things really matter.
  • Always in action, but still so far away from what really matters.

And finally, we are crammed full of thoughts which, we must admit, have not a lot to do with what’s really happening in our life…

So yes, in those moments it sounds crazy… but I’ll do it anyway!

In just a few words, I find that Steve Jobs expresses extremely well all that, and even more!

Who I am

A quick overview to introduce myself:

  • Born in Toulouse (France) in 1978
  • Grew up doing judo (and competition), from age 13 –> Taught me a lot about confidence, overcoming limits, managing thoughts…
  • Became judo teacher, and taught judo since I was 20 (for 8 years)
  • Lived 1 year in Ireland (Cork) to improve my English when I was 24 (great experience!)
  • Studied to be a pilot (Commercial pilot license passed at 28)
  • Lived 2 years in Canada, in British Columbia and Montreal, at 33 (also passed the Canadian pilot license). “Mega great” experience!
  • Launched a website and created several courses to help French people learn and speak English much more efficiently, in 2014. (https://parler-anglais.training)

This last undertaking gives me a lot of opportunities to develop:

  • How and why things we want to do may seem so difficult (so many people really want to speak another language without ever succeeding).
  • Entrepreneurship, or how to create the life you want out of… nothing but you! Discovering a whole new concept: doing what nobody told (or even authorized) you to do. Learning to overcome self-doubt, and to create value for others..

And many other things any genuine endeavor brings!

So now what?

This website is an experiment, a process to build something always better! And have fun!
Exactly the same as with life itself.

I use it to:

  • develop my thoughts, my conclusions and fix them firmly in my head,
  • face my fears, my doubts, and overcome them,
  • determine more challenges in my life and follow them through,
  • implement practical ways to overcome each limit,
  • share the best results and solutions with you!

My first challenge started when I decided to make videos in English. Pretty bad I have to admit! But I’m proud to have started something that you’ll be able (hopefully) to see evolving. So that you can remember that it is not where you start which is important, but what you’re actually creating!

If you think:

  • you miss out on a lot of great things in your life,
  • you can definitely do much better,
  • you don’t express yourself fully,
  • no matter what, if others do it, you can also do it!
  • you can, and want to be happier,

then you’re going to find a lot of answers here, and hopefully a lot of inspiration too!

My ultimate goal

Breaking the limits, living the great life we’re all logically expecting, and sharing all that with you!

By the way:

  1. let me know your opinion, and share your experiences about any subject (the more the better to develop a better understanding),
  2. if you want to help, don’t hesitate, drop me a line when you see any mistake in my English (I appreciate that a lot too!)

And remember: life is an experiment! Have fun, and have a great life!


Loïc Saint-Blancat