Why worrying about being criticized?


Being criticized if very often a strong reason why we don’t dare to do new things. Whether we actually realize it or not, this fear is often the first thing that stops us in many endeavors.

We could say a lot about it, especially why we have this need to be accepted by others as a means to survive. Really, will you say? Well it was true when we were a baby and weren’t able to do much on our own. And it is said to be more or less the same back when we were living in tribes.

Good reasons are great to understand it is more or less natural (at least at first). But our main concern is how to overcome this fear. And best of all, how to ignore criticism when it just represents a bad behaviour of someone without any interesting meaning in it?

Well maybe it is time to acknowledge those critics, and I mean all of them, anytime they occur. Especially when we hadn’t even attempted anything particular. Because whether we like it or not, we are being criticized regularly, for any reasons, and in any kind of situations. Well I realize in those moments that if I am to be criticized anyway, I’d prefer at least to get the benefit of having tried something new and exciting. At least I know I gained an experience, and in the process I’m getting better at something!

So let’s face it: we are and we’ll be criticized. No need to worry about that, it’s just part of our life, and we know that doesn’t change anything at all. Let’s face it again: we have no problem to get over it most of the time. Even if we would enjoy much more being complimented, it is nothing that important. And we know how to just turn our head as soon as possible and head for real interesting things!

So now at least do we know that we don’t risk anything more by daring to do new and challenging things! We just have to realize that being criticized is a part of our normal life. So no need to spend some energy hoping to avoid it.

Let’s move instead!