“Ask and you shall receive” – The logical truth behind it

“Ask and you shall receive”. That’s what is written in the Bible. So if you beleive in the Bible, just stop struggling for everything and ask for it! And if you don’t or are skeptical about it, let’s think about it for a few minutes…

Bible- Ask and you shall receive

Theoretically I would say I’ve always believed it was true. Pratically I’ve never acted as if it was! And I believe a lot of us feel more or less the same.


Why would that be real?

In a way I would say we have certainly all experimented times in our life where we can see that the end result of what we undertake is simply not coming from us. Yes we made our way in the correct direction, and we played a role in this result? But lots of other factors were just not controlled by us. A “stroke of luck”, “things happened”, or whatever conclusion we make, but things could have happened so many other ways!

What seems logical anyway in those situations, is that if we feel ok with our goal, kind of enthusiastic, full of life, well things really happen. And that really feels just normal! Although we are perfectly aware that nothing concrete could explain why it would work in advance. On the other hand, if we feel ill at ease, or just feel for any reason that it would be to good to be true, that we don’t deserve it, or maybe that there is no reason why this should work, then unsurprisingly things don’t work.

It is like if our mindset (or whatever you feel deep down) was first setting the direction of any outcome. Obviously we also took action in the meantime. But in both cases, things always feel natural, normal. Like if deep down the result was always in accordance with what we felt.

Direction - compass


Should I really just ask???

That seems a little surprising indeed, and I think we are much to skeptical about it. Plus, we live in material life and action is just part of it. So let’s say we should just ask for something to get it, what do we do then? Because the fact is we are always acting, and trying not to act is already an action. So acting will always be part of the game. Now the real question is: “Once you’ve asked, how are you going to act? As if the result was certain? Or as if there was to fear about the outcome?”. Depending on our action, we inevitably set a belief on our request. So asking is one thing, but denying it or reinforcing it right after in all our actions is another thing.


Why asking would be so important?

I’ve demonstrated day after day, post after post, that what we think, where we look, has a huge impact on our entire life. One can’t look on the right side and walk on the left side for very long. It is impossible to pinpoint the solution we need if are mainly obsessed with the problem. It is very well known nowadays that our brain consciously processes only a very tiny part of all the information we perceive through all our senses. And we also know very well that we only perceive what confirms our beliefs. As a matter of fact, I studied this last case during my professional pilot course. Perception is highly subjective, and enables us to live in the world we pretend is true. So asking is already a way to look at the direction we want to go. And without doing that it is impossible to reach our goal.

Asking for something, let’s say in our mind, to something/someone external to our rational mental activity means a lot. First we acknowledge the fact that our conscious choices are not the key factor for finding solutions. We put the emphasis on something deeper, larger than what we know is subject to so many inteferences. Indeed our “stories” about life, truths, bad or good, power or weakness, etc… are just stories and beliefs that can be changed without touching the reality at all. I mean all that is just part of the subjectivity we live in, and is only in our mind. So it seems to make sense not to depend on it when we need better guidance.

Power of mind


How what happens in our mind would be so powerful?

You certainly already experienced something like this. You were determined for any reason, tangible or not, to reach one particular goal. Whether it was a very short term goal. Like finding the truth about what happened, even if you have to get some answers from persons that are not necessarily willing to help. Or a longer term goal like succeding in any kind of competition, in which once again you just have control on one part of the final outcome. But you were completely determined to go to the end, and what did you do at this point? You just focused your mind on the result you decided you would reach, and you refused that whatever happened could be a dead end. You focused more and more, and you only accepted the idea that there was a solution and you’ll get it, no matter what. In the course of action you actually played a concrete role in the outcome. BUT you also knew that, theoretically everything was not in your hands. I mean if you think of it you recognize that things “happened” and even if you did everything so that it happens, you had no control over it.

So are our mind, our beliefs, our thoughts not a key factor in what we accomplish? Don’t we have access to resources that are not tangible and that we just can’t explain the “material” way we tend to do?


So why do I never get what I ask for?

As I already highlighted it, it is impossible to separate what we “do” in our mind, and our physical actions. It is also impossible to look on the right and go on the left. And what I concluded in my personal observations of myself is that we don’t know what we want.

Let me explain a bit more. On the one hand we claim that we would be so happy if this and that, BUT on the other hand, we continually claim that we DON’T want this and that to happen. The former is claimed outloud, whereas the latter is claimed in opposite thoughts and actions. If we are to be happy, then we also must accept to LIVE this life of happiness. The real question is very probably: “How can you be happy if you are so commited to be resentful towards your life?”. And that means a lot…

Throughout our life, we’ve been lied to, we’ve been betrayed many times, and life has been unfair to us many more times! That is also part of who we are.

Now I firmly believe that the key to changing our life for the better lies in this awareness.

And it is just impossible to look at your life this way AND to be happy (so to get what would make you happy).


Let me know what this article inspires you. There are a lot of things to say about it, and I will continue in my next posts.

So stay in touch!