Urgent need of love

Sometimes we just desperately need to feel love now!
I know that, and I know how harsh and terrible this situation can be…

But now you’re about to find out how to fill this gap very quickly!
Yes! You’re going to feel this love NOW!

Cats cuddle

Before we go any further: very quickly, tell me how, on a scale from 0 to 10, you feel. Say it out loud (if you can). I’ll tell you at the end why it is so important you do it!


Love is by itself unconditional. Think about it, if love were on conditions, it would just be a pretext to create hell (by love not accepting to be there). Would it be possible for love to create something else as love?

You can read more on that here: The theory of love (when you need love)

Remember that beyond our bodies, we are all very deeply connected. Science has now demonstrated that even matter is made up of energy, by means of vibrations. So even our bodies are much more linked than we perceive it. Imagine what it can be for our minds, souls… Even thoughts are energy!

Always remind yourself that your perceived loneliness is always a superficial and false reality self-imposed by your false limitations. “I’m not worth it” is never true ; )

  • That’s not the reality
  • You can change all that anytime

But for now, we just want to recall this feeling of love within ourself. That’s the urgent need and that’s what we’re going to focus on. From this beginning of warming up, you’ll be able to continue to expand this reality with people all around you!

Remember that your mind perceives what it’s focusing on, and rejects mostly everything else.

What you focus on develops. And what we want now is to focus on love, so that it develops in our life!

Dog cat cuddle

Feel love now

Don’t wait any longer! Follow those simple steps and refill yourself with LOVE! Because love is always there!

  • Get as comfortable as possible and relax! You can lie down if you want (that’s what I usually do if I can).
  • Then close your eyes. Just calm down and come back to yourself. Nothing else matters than YOU! I just want you to take a few moments entirely for you and give you a little rest.
  • Now you need to use all your imagination! The more you’re going to focus on this little scenario, the more you’re going to feel all the love that is already there!
  • I want you to imagine a dog, or a cat, or any animal that you know you feel lots of love for when you see them! You can start to focus on the photo above. A dog or a cat is perfect, because they are able to express so much love to humans! And that’s a real unconditional love! Don’t imagine a person for now, that’s always linked to so much ambiguity.
  • Now imagine the best moment where you can see that animal expressing so much love. He walks up to you, and feels so happy to see you! You stroke him, and he is even more happy. You can see it at his eyes! If that’s a cat, you can hear him purring. If it’s a dog you can hear his tail wag. Feel his hairs under your hand. See him coming back with his head to have more strokes!

The more senses you use, the better you’re going to actually “live” it. The more precisely and intensely you dive into it, the more you’re going to experience this love!

You can live this scenario:

  1. seeing it through your eyes,
  2. seeing yourself from outside, as if you were looking at someone else,
  3. as experienced by the cat or dog (by feeling what he’s feeling).

You can “live” this scenario from one or all those perceptions together. Get fully implied!

Even more simple

Sometimes we feel so intensely sad and desperate that it becomes almost difficult to do this little practice.

This is what I used to do in my worst moments, and I can guarantee you it helped me so much that sometimes I was doing it for an entire hour!!!

Here is what you can do, very simply, in order to let love express itself within you.

  • Close your eyes and relax, just as above, and repeat to yourself the word “Love”.
  • Focus on this word, and this word only, so that all your mind is busy with this one and only occupation.
  • For that purpose you can see it written in your head.
  • You can imagine a red and warm energy in the middle of your body in the same time if you want.
  • You can also change this word for “Friends”, “Tenderness”, “Connection”, or any word that makes you feel good! Try several of them, switch them.

That is a simple yet very real way to bring back your mind where you want it to focus on.

And as you probably already know it: What you focus on develops!

Dog cat cuddle 2

Broken heart

When feeling in despair due to a loving relationship not happening well, there is one thing very powerful which is always in your hands! Give all your love to him/her! Imagine it, feel it, as beautifully as you can. Offer your unconditional love!

No matter what happened, no matter what will happen. This love so pure, and you can give it right now! You’re such a great person! Feel it, and be the most tender and loving person for him/her. That’s a love that has great implications for both of you!

Not only are you going to feel this love you’re giving very strongly, but you’re going to feel that connection that is now created between you too. And it can have only good implications related.

I believe that, as some spiritual teachings say, our minds are all connected. Imagine the sweet present you’re making to him/her.

That’s going to change so many things within you, that your very next future is already changing!

Do it! Use it : )

Realize and keep in mind

At the end, just say to yourself how well you feel, from 0 to 10. I’m sure that just by reading the description, you have already felt some love! I just want you to become aware of that love that you can feel anytime, easily, and unconditionally! Compare how well you feel now with before you started.

Now remember that it really makes you feel better!

The more you do it, the more you are able to dive easily and intensely into this scenario, with more and more details implying all your senses. And the more you are able to feel love easily and intensely!

REMEMBER: love is unconditional and is always available to YOU!

When you do that, just stop all other scenarios you have in your mind. We ALL have so many different “stories” happening in our head… And although we perceive them as the real and only truth, they are far different from the reality. They make us feel so intensely sad and desperate… But for 99% (or more) those stories are not the reality at all.

One efficient way to realize that there is much more to them, and to change your condition, is to offer you this little time of peace… and enjoy LOVE!

You have fully control on the fact that you feel love or not! But we are usually totally unaware of it…

Do it as often as you want!!! That’s free, and you’re quickly going to realize that it’s going to change a lot of things during your day(s)!!! Your relationships are meant to be develop much more, and that’s going to help a lot!

So use it, experiment love and start to change your whole life now, one moment after the other!

Two last things

  • Don’t try to change, or come back on the past. You’re not there anyway!
  • Don’t worry for the future. You clearly don’t know it, and that’s what you’re experiencing now that is creating what’s next. Experience more and more love now, and your future will inevitably be made of more and more love!

heart love

With all my love!!!