Are you really looking for someone else?

Just thinking of when I feel I’m missing someone in my life….

In this moment I also realize that I’m especially feeling bad about myself. And of course, someone near me would compensate for this feeling.

So that’s really those feelings that make me feel lonely, more than really missing someone.

So what do I feel? I feel that I’m not really living my life up to what I would like to be. That I’m limiting myself, like expressing myself well below who I really love to be.

Those are the kind of feelings that make us feel ashamed of ourself, a little (or a lot) lost, cause we think this is it, there’s nothing better we can be.

If we look clearly at this kind of feelings, they can be terrifying! So usually we prefer to rationalize and say to ourself that there’s just someone missing next to us. And that it’s normal, but we’ll find this woman/man that is going to change all that.

This story we tell to ourself, helps to live with those difficult feelings. In the moment, it eases a little the pain. But actually it totally overlooks the reality (that is thus never going to improve).

Though the reality seems unbearable for one reason only: we believe those feelings!

The reality is much brighter, but those feelings, in turn, totally overlook the depth of the reality.

The reality is: no matter what kind of expression of ourself we’ve experienced up to now, there is no limit to our brightness. Or call it however you prefer, our greatness… but the fact is there is nothing we can’t be! So what we should see in these moments is: “Hey, I’m giving myself a role that doesn’t fit my best version of who I’ve chosen to be. Let’s review that! I have much better to live!!! And I love it!!!”

And that is really what we must see. Nobody is missing, cause we can find ten times more men/women that we would love to be with. And ultimately, we don’t want anyone to compensate for a version of ourself not great enough.

We want to be a version much better, and must just realize we are already this person. There’s just one thing to do. To remind ourself of this truth and to start acting like the great person we are, even (and especially) when that seems impossible.

Besides, we can also enjoy sharing that with someone else… Because we are already happy, and we have only good things to share. Not because we need a crutch for our little expression of ourself ; )