Business: how to add value

If we think we can help a friend, we don’t think about it twice. Whether it be advice, knowledge, technical help… if we think we can add some value to our friend, we do it right away. And we are proud of that!

Now when it comes to a business… When money is involved… Things become much more tricky!

I mean, they are tricky in our head. They are emotionally tricky for ourself!

In fact as soon as we claim we can provide some value in exchange for money, we are faced with how we value ourself!

If this trade is something new, it can be very daunting and challenging.

The key here is to understand one thing: there is no need to be a renowned expert at something to be able to provide good value to someone. In fact, as soon as you are a few steps further than a person, you can help them move up to your level!

The value you can add in a business is the same as everywhere else: very subjective! If, on a given journey, you are at level 3, you know what it takes to get there. People at level 1 and 2 would love getting your help to get there!

Now think about those who are already at level 3… Think about those who are even at level 4 or 5! Obviously, you’re not going to trade anything at all regarding this journey.

The real world is… relative! Everyone can provide huge value to others! But even if you specialize in a specific area, it doesn’t mean that:

  • everybody is interested in this journey,
  • you can bring value to anybody,
  • you are a good fit for anyone.

But it does mean that you have some real value to bring to some people!

Once you remember that, you don’t try to justify your trade, and you serenely act proudly to help the right people that definitely need you!