Difficult but doable: cool!

You know this goal you have, it’s going to be difficult. There are a lot of challenges implied… But it’s clearly doable! Yeaaah!!! Cool!

Think about it a moment. What’s more exciting than a real challenge that leads you right to a promising success in whatever domain you’re fond of?

Ok I get it, it has its challenges… Things like:

  • Frustration. Have you ever learned to code? If so, you know those long hours trying to understand why your code doesn’t work. To finally realize you just forgot a quote somewhere!
  • Awkwardness. You know that if you’ve decided to learn how to dance whereas you’ve never been at ease with moving your body, especially in front of others!
  • Physical efforts. Even when you just want to chill out, after a good day’s work. But you won’t think about it yet!
  • Boredom. Like when you need to stick to your routine to learn that new language, day in, day out!

You’re right, that’s going to happen too!

Now look at the whole picture.

On the one hand, you know that if you decide to go for it, you can totally handle any of them. Let’s face it, it’s more the idea of those difficulties that can be overwhelming than the actual challenge you’re going to face one at a time. And you clearly have the ability to handle that!

So it really means that if you are dedicated enough, you’re certain to succeed! You are going to get there!!! That’s awesome and so exciting, isn’t it?!!

On the other hand you know that whatever challenge you’ll face, that’s totally part of the game! There’s nothing else you have to confront. Everything is there. Get over that and the rest is a piece of cake!

So as soon as you came to the conclusion it will be difficult… but doable, that’s just for you to grab! Your new world is now unfolding as fast as you jump into this challenge!

Enjoy your new life!