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Your goal is not the future, it is now

Why we are looking in the future, why it is an illusion, and what is the real goal Length: 25’37” Download

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Shame and guiltiness

I opened a book in a library and I stumbled upon the sources of different body problems. I’m absolutely convinced that our body only reflects our thoughts, beliefs and basically who we think we are. Then I looked at eczema and skin problems which I have a tendency to be prone to for long years […]

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“Ask and you shall receive” – The logical truth behind it

“Ask and you shall receive”. That’s what is written in the Bible. So if you beleive in the Bible, just stop struggling for everything and ask for it! And if you don’t or are skeptical about it, let’s think about it for a few minutes… Theoretically I would say I’ve always believed it was true. […]

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Fear of being exposed: WHAT is exposed?

Being exposed is certainly one of the things that scare me most. And I guess I’m not alone in this case. Actually it seems we are all playing a role in our daily lives. And when I say “it seems” I mean “we are”, as it is so obvious we are!  Why are we? Well… […]

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Why worrying about being criticized?

Being criticized if very often a strong reason why we don’t dare to do new things. Whether we actually realize it or not, this fear is often the first thing that stops us in many endeavors. We could say a lot about it, especially why we have this need to be accepted by others as […]

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